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Funeral Arrangements

What to Consider When Making Funeral Arrangements

If you are planning a funeral, you are either doing it for a loved one or pre-planning your own service. Either way, the chances are high that this is your first time doing so. If the funeral is for someone close to you, this is a trying time. Many people feel the need to rush through the process because of the limited amount of time between their loved one's death and the funeral date. While time is of the essence, you shouldn't be so hasty that you end up asking for services you don't need or forgetting to add services you want.

Before finalizing your funeral plans, consider the following:


  • Burial or Cremation - One of the paramount things to consider is whether or not you want a traditional burial or a cremation. This is often something the deceased will decide before they have passed. If you want your remains handled a certain way, be sure to note this in your will so it is carried out to your specifications.

  • Religious Ceremony - Be sure to indicate if you want specific religious considerations to be included in your funeral.

  • Eulogy - Decide if you want a traditional eulogy and who will present it during the ceremony.

  • Burial - If you have decided on a burial, do you want it to be open to the public, private, or just for family members?

  • Casket - There are a variety of different casket types available to choose from.

These are just the most important aspects of a funeral to consider before the day of the ceremony. These and the other small details that come with planning a funeral are why we offer our services at Funerals By Matthew Charles. We take away the headache of working through all these details so you can properly grieve and be with your family.

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