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Everything You Need To Know About Repatriation Services

If a loved one passes away overseas, it is up to their family to decide where they want to have the service and the burial. In many cases, the service and the burial are held in different states or countries, allowing the deceased to be buried in their homeland. If this is the case for your funeral arrangements, you may require repatriation services. It is a good idea to undergo the process of repatriation with the help of a funeral director. This funeral assistance is vital in ensuring your repatriation is stress-free.

If you aren't experienced with it, repatriation can be a stressful and confusing process. There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork to complete with both countries and the slightest misstep could cause huge issues. It is perfectly natural to want to be buried in your country of birth, so you should be confident in requesting repatriation services from us.

Repatriation also requires further steps for body preparation because of the process of moving it to another country. Only a quality funeral director will understand how to properly and safely transport the body of you or your loved one. A specialized metal casket is also required for transportation via air. In some cases, we may even have to interact with the consulate or embassy of the deceased's home country to ensure the transportation and delivery of the body go as planned so the burial can take place as planned.

As you can see, repatriation is a complicated process and it is vital that it be completed properly to ensure proper funeral and burial services. Contact us today if you have further questions about repatriation services for you or a loved one.

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