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Call or email to begin your journey with the gentle guidance and care required to honour your final moment with your loved one.

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When a death occurs, it is important to first calm yourself and absorb the reality of what has happened.

It is common to experience an overwhelming range of strong emotions, be sure to surround yourself with family and friends who can give much-needed support.

For Immediate assistance call: 1300599500


If the death occurs at home, the doctor has likely explained what you will need to do next. Firstly, call the doctor so they can come to the house and issue a "Medical Certificate of Cause of Death".

You will need to give this to us before we can take your loved one into our care - If your doctor is unavailable, the ambulance or police can also assist.
It is also a good idea to call or email us, we can provide further guidance. If you would like more time with your loved one, please ask as we can postpone the transfer for a short period of time.


Please call or email to discuss your needs and the likely costs. We pride ourselves on being fair and transparent, prices will vary depending on service arrangements.


Burial Service at Dual or Single Locations.

Cremation Service With Attendance or No Service No Attendance.

Repatriation Anywhere In The World.

Pre Paid Funeral Secured With An Australian Friendly Society.


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“It is my honour to be given the opportunity to guide your family through one of life’s most challenging times. It is my personal promise to provide an unparalleled service that handles all arrangements in a professional and dignified manner with the utmost care and respect for you, your loved one and your family."

Funerals by Matthew Charles is a privately owned and operated third-generation funeral director. Matthew follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, providing a commitment to service, honed through decades of experience. You will be guided by Matthew from the initial phone call through to the final goodbye at the end of the service.

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